Which Energy Gel Is Right For Me?

It’s important to remember that not all energy gels are equal. With varying sizes, ingredients and nutritional content; it’s really worth taking the time understand a bit more about the gels your choosing and if it’s going to do the job you want it to. For example, what is the best cycling energy gel?

OTE Energy Gels are made using natural flavourings, coming from real fruit juice concentrates! We do not compromise on ingredients, meaning our gels are kind on your stomach. They also have the added bonus of being vegan and gluten free!

Why would you use an energy gel?

  • A reliable form of quickly processed energy
  • Perfect for when energy demand is high
  • When intensity is high and chewing solid foods is more difficult
  • When time is limited in which to take on fuel
  • Liquid like consistency means you can take them without the need for water

Super Gel

40g Carbs | 160 kcal | 10.9 mg sodium


The newest addition to our range, but arguably now the most popular.  The super gel is designed for those who have high energy demands to meet but have limited available time to do so. If you’re pushing your endurance boundaries, we’d choose Super Gel every time.

Think triathlon transitions, marathons, a cycling energy gel for in the mountains, gravel adventures; anything that requires a high energy intake when times are tough. Some would say this is our ‘race nutrition’ but is perfect for use during anything where your putting your body to the test. With every mouthful you’ll intake more carbs, which also means you’ll need to carry less!



Super Gel
Which Energy Gel Is Right For Me? — OTE Sports

Energy Gel

20g Carbs | 82 kcal | 11.2 mg sodium

The OG of our energy gel range and almost liquid-like in consistency thanks to the real fruit juice concentrate. Our standard energy gels are one of the easiest gels to consume. The quick release energy supplied by this gel can be in your system after just 15 minutes.

This could be used a quick energy boost before the start of an event or key session, or at half time in team sports. A great option when trying to eat solid food is going to be tough going.

Standard Energy Gel
Which Energy Gel Is Right For Me? — OTE Sports

Caffeine Gel

20g Carbs | 81 kcal | 11.2 mg sodium | 100mg of Caffeine

Caffeine gels come in handy when you’re looking for that extra boost usually near the closing stages of a race, event or training session. The base of the gel is the same as our standard energy gel, however the addition of the natural caffeine Guarana gives this gel it’s rocket fuel.

Caffeine doesn’t actually provide extra ‘energy’ that our muscles can use, but instead it helps reduce to feeling of perceived exertion (how hard it feels like your trying), mean you can often dig that little bit deeper during your effort.

We’d definitely recommend saving a caffeine gel until the final quarter of a session or event, as too much caffeine can sometimes cause adverse effects.

Caffeine Gel
Blackcurrant OTE caffeine gel